Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Only Carla
Reviewed by Joe on 10th April 2007

Overall Rating 80/100
Only Carla
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Both this and are almost identical and this isnít actually such a bad thing, the features and site design do everything you could ask for and the content isnít too shabby either. So the choice is not whether to join the site or not, it is actually which one to join and I will leave that down to your impeccable taste.


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Overall Rating 80/100
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I have very recently reviewed the site and, have to say, was pretty impressed by what I saw. This is another one in the series starring a different of the models Carla, and yep you guessed itís called I was expecting to be very similar to its sister site and so we have just got to cross our fingers that Carla isnít a moose.

The site looked exactly the same as with the only variation being the colour scheme and the model images. This confirmed my suspicions that the site design was more of a template and it really does lack that little bit of personality and pizzazz that I like to see on my sites. The homepage features all of the latest updates; whether it is photo, video or even diary entries then they will be whacked up on the homepage for members to see.

The support shouldnít leave you without an answer either, there are several extensive FAQs covering different issues. Also the forum has a support section so if you are completely stuck you may find your answer here.


Carla is a slim young brunette who is stunning and I canít think that any of you would not like the looks of this young vixen. As with the rest of the sites, the content is going to be pretty softcore with absolutely no hardcore action. In fact these sites are so softcore that you are unlikely to see anything more than the models in their panties. This could prove to turn away quite a few people but Carla is such a good model that I would actually prefer to see her posing in her knickers than seeing one of those peroxide blonde models shoving all sorts inside themselves. Because of the sheer nature of the site the content is pretty much all solo girl with only a few girl on girl sets in there to keep you interested.

The diary has new entries every 3 Ė 5 days, they are not the most lengthy entries in the world but are long enough to give you an idea of what Carla is like. Another way to get to know Carla, as well as some of the other members, is through the forum on the site. Carla seems to visit and post on a fairly regular basis and it does seem to be a fairly active forum.

There is also a coming soon section which allows you to see what isÖ..well you can guess the rest. The coming soon section only goes forward two updates but does give you several thumbnails so that you are able to see exactly what Carla has been up to and what to expect.

Everything that I mentioned in the Review is also available on and vice versa. So itís probably best to read both reviews if you are at all interested in joining either.

Video Section:

The content is organised in exactly the same way that it is on Melanieís site, and that is in date order separated by month. Each of the videos has 3 main preview shots so you can get an idea of what Carla gets up to in the movie and then once you go to the download page you get a further 16 thumbnail images from the video. Unfortunately these thumbnails are only 133 x 96 and there is no option to view them in a larger resolution.

The videos are provided in two different formats and these are low resolution .avi (208 x 160) and high resolution .avi (640 x 480). The high resolution video is not too bad at all and you could go full screen without it getting too distorted. On the other hand the low resolution video would struggle to go full screen on your mobile without blurring.

Updates seem to come a little haphazardly but you can expect between 2 and 6 updates a month. This need improving substantially if they want to attract new members and then be able to keep them, I would suggest at least two updates a week.

Photo Section:

Each of Carlaís sets has a nice lot of well taken photos in them; the photos are in a nice and big resolution of 2048 x 1365. Unfortunately much the same as the photos are all a little bit on the blurry side. The sets are shot in a good variety of different locations and I didnít see one set that was in the same place so hopefully this will help to keep you interested.

The photo sets are all available to download in high or low resolution .zips not only this but all of the photo sets have been tagged with several keywords and with the click of a mouse you can jump to similar sets.

Picture Features

Quantity: Around the 200 sets mark
Picture Size: : Large (1360 x 2048) and Regular (1066 x 708)
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 10 new sets a month

Video Features

Quantity: 40 Videos
Formats: AVI (Standard)
Video Size: Low Quality .Avi (208 x 160) and High Quality .Avi (640 x 480)
Clip Duration: Average of around 5 mins
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 2 Ė 6 videos a month

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Paycom, CCBill
Join Fees: $19.95 every 30 days reoccurring (other options available)
Cancellation Links: Yes