Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Ultimate Celebs
Reviewed by steve on 11th June 2007

Overall Rating 75/100
Ultimate Celebs
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The thing you have to remember is that celeb porn sites do not offer the greatest of hardcore action, if any in some cases, if that’s what you desire then is not the site for you. However truly lives up to the name of ultimate, the content they have on offer is superb in both quantity and quality. You could spend all day going through the entire site and not get bored. I personally found the site a pleasure to review and would highly recommend this to all you celeb porn lovers out there.


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Overall Rating 75/100
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The imagery/photos on the home page didn’t fill me with great confidence that this site was going to be any different to other celeb porn sites that we are seeing more frequently these days. Hopefully I’ll be wrong but let’s take a look and see the outcome.

The home page itself is very basic and to the point, a feature that I prefer to see; there’s no need to scroll down the page to find various links such as FREE TOUR, JOIN NOW etc… its all there in front of you and there are no advertising links. The members’ area carries on this simplicity with an easy to understand front page, showing you the top 10 movies, site stats (clips, reviews, celebs etc…) last update, today’s celebrity birthdays, and last forum posts.

Each celeb profile has a nice 150 x 220 (roughly) image of them, along with a short biography and details of the different content they have on file.

The support section of the site is as good as any I’ve seen, providing a detailed F.A.Q on the important matters such as Playing/ Downloading Videos and Login/ Billing Support along with a miscellaneous section as well for good measure. If your answer can’t be found there they offer a contact us now page. This kind of support is good to see, as I am a firm believer in providing your members with the necessary means to solve any issues that may have arisen.


First impression… Wow! According to the site they currently have around 2,500 celebs, what a great selection to choose from, the list seems endless; the funny thing is that although I had access to this massive database of stunning women, I still found myself thinking of who to look for!

As expected the hardcore action is very far and few between with the exception of the “famous” Abi Timuss Sex Tape and Pamela Anderson’s boat trip with Tommy Lee. Most of the site’s action comes from sex scenes in movies, and these vary in length from a 30 second clip of Terri Hatcher standing naked on a balcony to a 44 minute clip of Pamela Anderson and Brett Michaels getting it on in the hotel room.

Not being able to search through this large amount of content would be a huge disappointment to me, however have not let me down. They offer four ways to search for our favourite celebs; Celeb First Name, Celeb Type (Super Model, Actress, Bond Girl, Athlete etc…), Celeb Country and Celeb Birthday.

Video Section:

To date they have 10,645 clips available to download which is a rather impressive number. The videos are available in .AVI, .WMV, .MPG depending on how the clips were recorded. They all come in various lengths and different resolutions but are all of good quality. A huge high point for me is the fact they have a section of movies available in HD quality, this is great to see and the more clips/movies available to view in HD the better! The movies are broken down into categories; HDTV, XXX Home Movies, Public Nudity, Locker Rooms and so on. This kind of search option allows members to find exactly what they want without too much trouble.

Beside each video clip you’re provided with the necessary information about the movie, such as the resolution, length of clip and download size. A great feature they have added is the “Nudity Legend”, this gives members an indication as to how nude each celeb appears such as non-nude, see through, topless and full frontal. Personally, waiting 3 minutes to download a scene and the only action is a 2 second nipple shot is not good, this tool can prevent that.

The site updates everyday; yesterday 13 new clips were added. This kind of update process provides the members with what seems a never ending supply of celeb action.

Photo Section:

This is the largest section of content on with a staggering 60,184 photos. Whilst reviewing the site I came across some fairly impressive resolutions with the biggest so far being 1960 x 1120. I could have spent hours going through the archives, a great selection of old and new photos, for example; Ursula Andress (For those of you who don’t know, she’s the bond girl from Dr. No 1962) Madonna, Jessica Simpson and the list just goes on.

Photos are split into two sections; nude (mainly screen captures from movies or those famous getting in and out of car paparazzi photos) and non-nude (magazine photo shoots or celebs walking down the red carpet at an awards ceremony).

Picture Features

Quantity: 60,184
Picture Size: Varies between photos
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unkown as the how often Photos are updated

Video Features

Quantity: 10,645
Formats: MPEG, AVI (DivX)
Video Size: Varies between each clip
Clip Duration: Varies between each clip
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Everyday

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $19.95 For 30 days recurring, other options available
Cancellation Links: Yes