Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Movie Room
Reviewed by Joe on 12th June 2007

Overall Rating 84/100
Movie Room
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Ok, so this site is more expensive than other DVD sites out there, at a price tag of $29.95. But being completely honest I would have no problem paying this for such a great site. The site, well, it just works and the actual content is offered in some well thought out formats as well as the DVDs being picked well and providing a superb range of different niches for you to watch. Also the fact that this site hasnít just gone with the crowd and thrown every single feature in the book at this site and have actually thought about which ones to implement really does shine through. I can honestly say that I would use every single one!


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Overall Rating 84/100
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This is a DVD movie site, but this time with a twist as the owner stressed to us that they did not want to be lumped together with the cookie-cutter DVD download sites. To avoid this, the site is going to have to show me some features that I havenít seen before, allow me to browse the movies easily and also show me some real personality which in my opinion is exactly what the other DVD sites are lacking.

The site design is very, very basic with the only actual graphic in the design being the opening door of the logo. This simple design does mean that there is nothing to distract you from jumping your way round the site, but I still think a little more embellishment on the site wouldnít go a miss.

They have used a third party system to provide the support on the site but have actually put the effort into branding it up so it does at least feel as if you are somewhere in the realms of The support includes an FAQ section as well as a ticketing system. The FAQ currently contains 21 questions with most of these concentrating on any movie problems or billing questions.


Usually with these DVD sites I only find one or two women on each page that grabs my fancy but with this site it was in actuality the opposite and I struggled to find a women that I wouldnít want to see getting down and dirty. This left me with the real impression that the guys at had really carefully picked the DVDs that they decided to put up on the site and not, like the other DVD sites, just chucked up anything they can get their hands on. Donít get me wrong, the big DVD sites such as DVD Box and VideoBox offer an amazing amount of videos and represent superb value for money but you can just tell that not a great deal of thought is put into which DVDs they offer up.

To actually check this out for yourself the best place to start would probably be the Pornstar Explorer, this is where you will be able to view all of the women on the site, sort them by name or popularity. You are also able to use the attribute selector to search for women depending on their ethnicity, hair colour, tit size, body type or the ass. So if you are a man that likes a woman with a Badonkadunk (donítí ask) ass then you are in luck!

By far my favourite little feature on this site is that whilst browsing the movies you have the ability to keep accumulating search filters, doing so means that you are able to find the exact content that you are after. It not only sounds great but also works brilliantly. This is mostly because, as you apply the filters, your next choice will be limited by the type of content that is left in your search pool. This means that any idiot that tries to combine the search filters blonde, black and Indian firstly wonít actually be able to do it and secondly wonít be able to complain when they donít find anything!

Video Section:

With each DVDs not only do they have a really good paragraph describing what it is all about, but every single scene in that DVD also has a good size paragraph letting you know what to expect. This is another clue that the guys at have spent some real time and effort over this site.

Each of the scenes also has several screenshots allowing you to have a sneak peak at what the action is like but there is also a flash movie player, this means that you can watch the scene with very minimal buffering and also skip to any point from within that scene without any trouble at all. Ok so the quality isnít amazing, but it does serve as a fantastic tool for quickly previewing the movies before you decide to download them.

The great news is that the guys at have decided to let you download the DVDs in their entirety as well as letting you choose individual scenes, if you so wish. The full DVDs are offered in 640 x 480 (with a bit rate of 2Mbps), 480 x 360 (with a bit rate of 832 Kbps) or 360 x 270 (with a bit rate of 316 kbps). Ok so the High quality isnít out of this world, but any bigger and I think the already massive file size (most of them around the 1.2 gig mark) might just kill the Realmís internet connection and then the rest of the office would almost certainly kill me!

The scenes are available to download in the same resolution and bit rate as the full DVDs but with the addition of two options, these are the portable formats for either your iPOD of PSP.

Updates to the already fairly impressive library of 684 DVDs come in the form of 1 new DVD per day; this is more than enough considering that with each DVD you are likely to get around 3 Ė 5 scenes to peruse. Other sites such as VideoBox do add 5 new DVDs a day but I donít think I have yet seen a site that can come even close to topping this and really canít insult for not matching up as it just shines through in so many other areas!

Photo Section:

As you would probably expect from a DVD site, there are no photos available from this site.

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:

Video Features

Quantity: 684 DVDs
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: 640 x 480 (with a bit rate of 2Mbps), 480 x 360 (with a bit rate of 832 Kbps), 360 x 270 (with a bit rate of 316 kbps)
Clip Duration: Varies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 1 New DVD every day

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $29.95 every 30 days, other options available
Cancellation Links: Yes