Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Virtual Models
Reviewed by Joe on 27th August 2007

Overall Rating 77/100
Virtual Models
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This site has it right with the first of my two Qs, Quality, but unfortunately with the second, Quantity, they are severely lacking! And this really would be my only reason for warning you away from this site as the content is more than good enough and it is in fact a rather interesting idea that they seem to have pulled off with some modicum of success.


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Overall Rating 77/100
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Not to worry guys, as the name may suggest this isnít another one of those damn annoying computer generated women sites, as I donít know about you but my idea of a good time is not desperately hammering the keyboard to try to fly a dildo out of the corner of a room only to end up poking some pixelated blonde in the eye! This site is in fact, as far as I can fathom, being advertised as a POV style site but with a difference. The difference, according to the site, is the intimate feel that they have managed to achieve in their content and also the fact that there is no male appendage visible in any of the videos. So if this sort of thing puts you off then youíll be A ok with I was not wholly convinced that the intimate POV thing was really going to be that easy to pull off, but I went into the site in trepidation and just hoped to hell they hadnít simply strapped a camera to a dildo!

The site design, although not bad, wasnít quite to my taste but putting my, probably bad, taste aside the site does its job well and I had no problems finding my way around the site; which is the most important thing I think youíll agree.

There were two links that looked hopeful when it came to the support; the first being the customer service link, but this just ended up being a couple of paragraphs with an email link, a link to the CCBill billing support and telling me that if I wanted to login I would have to enter my username and password and if I didnít have one then I would have to sign upÖ..thanks for that guys, I was wondering! After this I was hoping that the help link would furnish me with some slightly more helpful advice and pointers. There were a few video pointers and although not extensive these were good to see. There was also a section dedicated to getting the best viewing position, this really made me smile as the suggestion was to get your monitor at crotch level slightly angled upwards. I thought better of attempting the suggested positions as a few funny looks may have ensued in the office.


Now if I was, as they suggest, going to be getting intimate with these girls then I wanted to make damn sure that their were some good looking women in there to do it with. With only 11 models on offer it didnít take me long to see that there was a fairly good mix of different women on offer and within this 11 there were definitely a few that I would dim the lights and whack the Barry White on for!

The content, as I have already mentioned, is all about the girls and there isnít going to be any winky visible in any of the sets. Pretty much all of the sets are solo girl with currently only one lesbian video on offer.

As for extras, well there simply arenít any and, I have said it before and I will say it again, this isnít a biggie, just as long as the content that the site offers can stand up on its own two feet, soÖ.shall we?

Video Section:

The fact that there were only 11 models didnít fill me with much confidence that there was going to be an abundance on the content front, well that is unless these girls have been working damn hard. Unfortunately they must have been sitting on their arses as there are currently only 10 videos available for you to look through.

These videos are available in either .Avi DivX (640 x 480), .MP4 (320 x 240) and .Wmv. Unfortunately however hard I tried, the .Wmv video wouldnít work and so I canít comment on the quality, but as for the .Avi and .Mp4 I have to say I wasnít blown away with the quality but on the other hand it wasnít absolutely dire and I could quite happily live with it, if that is, the content was any good. And is it? Well in my opinion, and I am well aware that everyone is going to have a different one, the actual video style they have used was pretty effective and, apart from the odd bit of cheesy porno music creeping in there, I am pretty sure you will find it all fairly enjoyable and most importantly it is just that little bit different from what you might have seen before. They have come pretty close to making you feel like you are there with the girls and this certainly canít be a bad thing!

The frequency for the updates on the videos was a little difficult to pin point as none of the content is dated, but with the amount on offer they really need to take it up a notch as this amount of content isnít going to keep anyone busy for too long!

Photo Section:

Each of the videos has a photoset available with them and then there are a few extra photosets which means you end up with a sum total of 13 photo sets to look through; which still isnít good enough as I am sure most of you will fly through this in a matter of hours.

Trying to emulate the whole intimate thing with the photos obviously isnít going to be that easy and to be honest I donít think it is really achievable but the photos are of a brilliant quality, well lit and the girls all look into the camera; not intimate but still pretty damn arousing!

There are two choices when viewing the photos in full screen and these are small (700 x 529) or large (1640 x 1240). This is a good choice of resolutions and the small ones are great for just quickly flicking through the images and then when you really want to get the girls in detail you can go with the large ones.

The full size photos actually offer some navigation, which is unlike so many other sites that I have reviewed recently. It is such a small touch but so, so important. The only thing I would suggest is the possibility of providing the ability to switch between the small and large resolutions while browsing.

Updates, much the same as the videos were fairly difficult to find out, and once again whatever it is, it needs to be sped up as the photo content much like the video content desperately needs beefing up.

Picture Features

Quantity: 13 Sets
Picture Size: small (700 x 529) or large (1640 x 1240)
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unsure

Video Features

Quantity: 11 Videos
Formats: WMV/ASF, AVI (DivX)
Video Size: .Avi DivX, .MP4 and .Wmv
Clip Duration: 3 Ė 5 minutes
Downloadable: Some
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unsure

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $19.95 every 30 days
Cancellation Links: Yes