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Featuring: Movies, Lesbian, Porn Stars

Reviewed by Joe on 26th July 2007

Overall Rating 71/100
x Lez
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This is a difficult site to summarise and all in all it wasn’t overly bad but could be so much better with a complete overhaul on the site design, by looking at the update schedule and giving it a swift kick up the arse, oh and by increasing the content quality so that there is some 2.0 Mbps plus content to look at…… oh yeah and by adding some photo content. Right, after reading that back over I think I am going to have to change my stance and say that this side really needs to up its game and has rather a few problems that need sorting before I can even think about recommending it.


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Overall Rating 71/100
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The first thing that struck me when I checked this site out for my review was the fact that their slogan was “More Lesbian Action than and LPGA Tournament”. This seemed an odd slogan to go with and after Googleing LPGA I realised that it was in fact the “Ladies Professional Golf Association”. I am just assuming that there are a lot of lesbians who like to partake in 19 holes, but it still seemed a bit of an odd slogan for a porno site to go with! Nevertheless I decided to ignore this strange slogan and started to poke about the girl on girl action, which is, being honest, what we are really interested in!

The tour for this site was fairly impressive but, once logged in, the design did take a bit of a nose dive and although it was all laid out in an easy to use fashion, it just didn’t have that professional finish that I was fooled into expecting from the tour.

This has to be one of the first support sites that I have even considered marking as extensive in the realms review system for quite some time. To be honest the only thing that meant that it missed out was a lack of any sort of ticketing system or live support as the FAQ’s were plentiful and detailed and I couldn’t really ask for much more on that front. It is so pleasing to see a site taking care over an area that so often gets put at the bottom on the list of priorities; but what these other sites don’t seem to realise is how important it is to members for a porn site to have a decent members support system, and it can really make the difference between a good and great site and also the difference between signing up and looking elsewhere!


The first thing that I must mention is that upon joining you do in fact get free membership to two other sites in the network. These are, which is advertised as “a hardcore Interracial sex site featuring extra-hardcore black on blonde scenes”, and also, which is advertised as “the ultimate anal sex and gaping site on the internet”. This is great and provides you with a pretty good mix of different content to keep you interested, the only slight niggle is the fact that you have to login to each site individually as I always like to be able to jump from site to site without this little hindrance when it comes to bonus/network sites.

The girls available from all looked to be experienced porn stars and not many of them had that amateur look that some of you guys find so alluring. On the plus side this should hopefully mean they know exactly how to get down to the sexy shenanigans and should result in some super hot action.

Extras, apart from the bonus sites, are non-existent and the only thing that you get on top of the content is in fact a suggestion form to submit your darkest and dirtiest fantasies to hopefully get the team at to act out for you. But unfortunately there is no way I can guarantee whether or not they actually take note of any of these suggestions.

Video Section:

This is, as far as I could make out, the newest of the three sites in the network and this would go some way towards explaining the lack of content available, but upon looking round the other sites I realised that they had exactly the same problem. This lead me to the conclusion that the problem, was in fact the update schedule and after looking at the content dates it was confirmed. Each of the sites in fact only gets one new video per week and even then you don’t get it all at once; they have decided to ration the videos, releasing different options to you for the specific video each day until at the end of the week you will finally have all of the options open to you.

Talking about options this seems an apt moment to detail what they have decided to grace you with. You do get full length movies in one of two options, these being .Wmv (420 x 316 with a bit rate of 1.67 Mbps) or .Mpg (368 x 272). They have also split the movies into sections for ease of download and these are available as .Wmv (420 x 316 with a bit rate of 1.67Mbps) or .Mpg (368 x 272).

As is so often the case with the videos they are not awful but really aren’t anything special and because this has to be one of the main draws of a site like this it means this site is going to be very forgettable.

Personally I don’t think the videos look as if they have been specifically recorded by the team at and look as if they have been ripped off a variety of DVDs. The only reason I say this is that there was such a range of different lighting and camera setups it just didn’t look consistent enough to be from the same production company. This is not necessarily a bad thing but still an important thing to consider and also does almost negate the suggestion area of the site.

Photo Section:

On first inspection it appeared that photos were available with each of the videos, but as I started to take a look at them it became immediately obvious that they were nothing more than screenshots and so this is where I am going to stop, as they were nowhere near good enough to be counted as photo content; the only thing they would be good for is checking to see what action was available in the video before you download it. The fact that they titled them High Quality photos did tick me off a little bit and I would call this nothing less than false advertising I’m afraid.

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:

Video Features

Quantity: 28 Videos
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: Full length - .Wmv (420 x 316 with a bit rate of 1.67 Mbps) or .Mpg (368 x 272) or sections - .Wmv (420 x 316 with a bit rate of 1.67Mbps) or .Mpg (368 x 272)
Clip Duration: 15 – 25 Minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: One new video added every week

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $24.87 every 30 days, every options available
Cancellation Links: Yes