Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Unlimited Access Pass
Reviewed by Joe on 23rd July 2007

Overall Rating 72/100
Unlimited Access Pass
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This site did in fact get a few bits about right but regrettably the majority of the site just isnít up to scratch. The major problems come in the form of content quality as it just isnít good enough to compete with sites out there offering content literally four times superior.


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Overall Rating 72/100
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Ok so itís another multi pass site, these are usually peppered with problems and unfortunately they tend to go for quantity over quality. There are in fact very few multi pass sites, in my mind, that have got this balance quite right. Could this be the first, well to be honest I wasnít holding my breath, but I logged in with my fingers crossed and just hoped for something half decent.

The membersí area of this site was surprisingly enough a breeze to navigate and, even if it wasnít the most beautiful design in the world, they had managed to bring a massive amount of content together in an easy to browse approach; which is actually no mean feat and somewhat commendable. To achieve this they have simply provided links for All Video, another for All Photos and then some other links with pages related to the content with regards to how the members have rated it or how popular (how many times it has been downloaded) the content is. There is then an easy to use drop down bar for getting to the individual sites if you so wish, the beauty of this is that it does not require you to log in every time you want to access each site. But to be completely honest I would do most of my browsing from the main site and I am guessing the only use for the separate sites would be if you wanted a specific sort of content.

The customer support is split into several sections, these being: Video Help, Cancellations, Password Problems and Comments. These are all of the sections that you could ever need from a support section but unfortunately they werenít as in depth as I would like to have seen; nevertheless still a sterling effort at the support guys and a million times better than a lot of sites I have had the displeasure of reviewing lately.


The sites which are bundled together in your membership, and also where all of the content is going to be pooled from, are,,,,, and I would assume from the titles of these sites that you can tell what they are all about and therefore I would suggest that if you like a really big mix of different content types that you maybe look elsewhere for your mega site of choice. If however you are into a variety of young chicks with a very small sprinkling of fetish (watching girls sleep by the looks of it) then it might be worth reading on.

By going to the Most Popular Girls Section I could see that there were a few hotties on offer but to be honest, with all of these sites pooled together, I would be slightly worried if there werenít! The majority of the content on offer looked to be hardcore boy on girl with a sprinkling of other genres sneaking their way in there.

Some of the extras on offer include a Movie Library which seemed to be several pages of thumbnails with links to plug in galleries. There is also the usual WebCam link, which unfortunately seems to be a standard for multi pass sites; this is a shame because without paying to go into private chat this page provides nothing more than an affiliate link to the WebCam site and is nothing that you couldnít do without being a member of

There are a few other pages but all seemed to be either a page dedicated to advertising another site or just some poor quality streaming videos. This is unfortunately just what I didnít want to see and it seems as though this multi pass site has fallen into the same trappings as the others and has just tried to make yet more money off of their members by throwing links to other sites and also throwing some sub standard content at their members to try and bump up their standard content. This reviewer would actually rather the site didnít have these sections at all because it annoys me no end and really doesnít offer much extra to the members of the site that they couldnít get elsewhere.

Video Section:

There are currently 254 videos available from the All Videos section of members area, which is in fact less than I was expecting and, even though 254 videos is not a small amount by any stretch of the imagination, when you pool together 7 sitesí content I would expect a few more to be available. The reason that there wasnít more became obvious when I started looking at the dates and realised that they only add 2-3 new videos every 7 days and for a single site on its own this wouldnít be anything special, but for a multi pass site with seven sites in its pack this is in fact rather abysmal.

The content quality didnít improve matters Iím afraid with each of the videos being offered in either Full length High Quality (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 609 Kbps), Full length Low Quality (240 x 180 with a bit rate of 204 Kbps) or High Quality Clips (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 431 Kbps). None of these videos earn the right to be called high quality and in fact the ones that they have defined as high quality are what many sites are now offering as their low quality videos, so this should be enough to tell you what I feel about the quality that this site is offering up to its members.

You are able to leave comments and rate the videos and this is commendable but without the video quality on board it is somewhat futile.

Photo Section:

The photos are not quite as bad as the videos, with the resolution coming in at a respectable 1000 x 669, but that is the one and only option available to you. I would normally expect another couple of options for different screen resolutions and I would love to see a high resolution more around the 1600 x 1200 mark as that is not at all out of the realms of reality and, to be honest, they probably have got that resolution from their cameras any way and have just decided not to upload them.

Luckily enough you do get back and next buttons for browsing through the full size images and on top of this you get a slideshow tool for some hands free fun! This is all I really ask for with full size photo navigation, so a nice big green tick for on that front.

There are currently 745 photo sets on offer, which is much better than the videos and the updates are also a hell of a lot more regular with a new photo set or two coming every couple of days.

Picture Features

Quantity: 745 Sets
Picture Size: 1000 x 669
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 2 sets every 2 days (roughly)

Video Features

Quantity: 254 Videos
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: Full length High Quality (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 609 Kbps), Full length Low Quality (240 x 180 with a bit rate of 204 Kbps) or High Quality Clips (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 431 Kbps)
Clip Duration: Around the 8 Minute mark
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 2-3 new videos every 7 days

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $29.73 for 1 month
Cancellation Links: Yes