Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Upskirt Mania

Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Fetish

Reviewed by Joe on 3rd August 2007

Overall Rating 62/100
Upskirt Mania
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A site which I hoped for something special out of, but unfortunately I donít feel it really delivered anything too special. There is a good amount of content on offer but there are so many little niggles about the way it has been laid out and the options that are on offer (or not on offer) I am afraid that I just canít recommend the site.


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Overall Rating 62/100
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The up-skirt PaySite is a fairly rare beast and, for the sake of all of you up-skirt lovers, I was hoping that that they hadnít made a hash of the site. This is just for the sheer fact that they really donít come along that often, oh and to be honest I need a decent site to review as recently I have seen some awful attempts.

The site design is nothing special and was a slight disappointment after the well put together tour that had flash elements and all. Within the site it almost felt as though the constant top navigation bar (great to see) wasnít connected to the rest of the site and all of the content felt chucked onto the default white background of the browser down below. Despite this I was pleased to see an explanation of all of the sections on the homepage, which you can hide away once you are done with. The homepage also has the latest updates and also the latest news on the site; plus there was also, what I assumed to be, a section with the top content listed. I say assumed because I couldnít be sure as there was not a title nor any indication of what the list was all about.

I was disappointed to see that the site has limited itís members to a 1GB download limit; which, ok, you are unlikely to reach but as a member of a site I donít like to have any sort of restrictions and, as you have paid good money to get to the up skirt action, I would want unlimited and unhindered access to as much content as I could physically handle.

I was encouraged by the FAQ link on the main navigation bar but upon landing on the page I quickly realised that there was a distinct lack of FAQís and, in fact, there were only a somewhat minimal four for you to read through; the chance of these answering your question is also going to be fairly minimal. There is a feedback form to ask any other questions, but as I always say this is only any good if they actually answer your queries nice a quickly and I obviously donít have time to test this and therefore canít really give the support area of this site a glowing recommendation.


If there was anywhere where this site was going to be able to earn some brownie points back then this is going to be it. Now at this point in a review I would normally waffle on about whether or not I rate the girls and as to whether I think they are going to get your blood pumping. But with this site this is more of a difficult task as most of the preview shots, and even actual content is, well, up-skirt. But from the handful of faces I did see I can confidently say that there should be a little something for every up-skirt lover out there as they have managed to get a really good blend of different women together.

The style of the content is pretty obvious and if it wasnít then I would feel a little ripped off. The videos all seemed to be solely up skirt action, which is great, but the photos do have a good mix of up skirt photos and just some good old solo girl posing and playing.

On the side of extras there really isnít that much of note to talk about and the only real extra that I feel might interest you is the forum, but unfortunately, even with 1690 members, there are only 4 posts. The reason for this is that it isnít actually a forum at all and is in fact just a collection of the comments members have made on the photos and videos. Something really needs to be done about this, as with such a specific niche I am sure that a lot of the members would love nothing more than an area where they can discuss their interest with other like minded people. The other thing that might be of interest is the Up skirt action section, which is simply a list of all the different types of up skirt content they have, with links. This is fine but I was just left wondering why they didnít replace this with a more in depth and much easier to use search system where the members could really start to get straight to the content that interested them.

Video Section:

The videos are laid out in a rather odd fashion and, by laying them out in a 1 video width column down the page, it means that you have to constantly scroll to get to see all of the videos. There are in fact around 268 videos which impressed me considering it is such a specific niche. This is obviously due to the fact that this site has been running since way back in 2004 and not to the update schedule, as they only upload one new video per week. So even with the large back catalogue, once you have got through them I very much doubt that you are going to stay a member for too long; as with the videos coming in at an average length of around 2 minutes and only one of them coming in every week it isnít going to be worth the membership fee.

As for the actual videos, they come in just one option, this being .avi (720 x 576) and this is of a respectable quality. A nice touch is that they do slow the up skirt action down as they whip their secret camera under the unsuspecting girlís skirt, which I am sure would come in pretty handy as they are fairly short glimpses of up skirt action and without this the videos would be even shorter. This might not be to everyoneís liking and an option to view the video in full without slow mo would be great to see as well as some additional download options.

Unfortunately none of the videos come with any sound and, even though I assume this is because of the fact that their mini camera doesnít have any microphones to capture sound, I am sure it wouldnít be too much of a stretch to capture some sort of sound or even some sort of background music would have been something.

Photo Section:

The photos, thank god, are laid out in a more sensible manner and donít require endless scrolling to look through them. Why they have done this layout here but not with the videos is slightly bewildering.

There are currently around 375 photo sets for you to look through but luckily the update schedule is much better than the video section and you are going to get a new photo set a minimum of every 3 days, and more often than not a lot more regularly.

The photos didnít appear to have any fixed resolutions and jumped all over the place as you navigated between photo sets. On the upside most of them did offer small and high resolution. Although difficult to judge on the whole, the resolutions on offer were not too bad with most of them having an option in the thousands of pixels.

The full size photo navigation offers the choice of switching between the resolutions on offer; even if the link to do this wasnít actually placed over the button and was in fact sheer luck that I found the link about 2 cm to the left of where it should have been. With this in mind I was expecting them to have some full size photo navigation option, but no, this site once again defies logic and forces you to close the window and select another photo.

As for the photos, a lot of them did just seem to be screenshots of the videos and those that werenít were just so varying in quality that it is was difficult to form an opinion, but after browsing several sets I decided that it was all fairly substandard and not one of the photo sets really grabbed my attention and if I had paid for membership to this site then I am pretty sure I wouldnít be too impressed either!

Picture Features

Quantity: 375 photo sets
Picture Size: Varies
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Every 1-3 days

Video Features

Quantity: 268 videos
Formats: AVI (Standard)
Video Size: 720 x 576
Clip Duration: 2 minutes on average
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 1 new video a week

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $19.95 for first 30 days renewing at $24.95 every 30 days, other option are available
Cancellation Links: Yes