Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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MILF Thing

Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Babes, Mature, XXX

Reviewed by Joe on 6th September 2007

Overall Rating 80/100
MILF Thing
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Although it is another great site from the Perfect Gonzo team I was still disappointed on several fronts. My main gripe is the fact that there are currently only 19 movies on offer but because this is a new site I suppose you might excuse that. My second complaint would be the fact that there is still no sign of any sort of full size image navigation and this has been a problem for me on every one of their sites I have reviewed. Putting my problems aside, this is still a good site with some great quality content but I would hold off joining for a couple of months and wait for them to bump up the content, as at present there isnít nearly enough to warrant a $29.95 per month membership charge.


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Overall Rating 80/100
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As I bravely step into the world of porn once more, it is yet another first for me. The genre is Milfs and what better team to introduce me than that of Perfect Gonzo. Any regular readers of the Realmís review will know that we just love the sites that the Perfect Gonzo team produce and this is yet another new one. And if you havenít heard of Perfect Gonzo then you are in for a treat as they do some damn good stuff!

The site design is reminiscent of the other Perfect Gonzo sites with the big colourful banner with pictures of some of the women that you can expect to see in the action. As well as this the familiar navigation that is easy to use and helps to split the site into easy to browse sections.

The support is provided by an overall support system that also serves the other sites from the team. This is not a problem at all and features a good amount of FAQs in the knowledge base as well as an easy to use ticketing system. So all in all there shouldnít be too many problems that this area wonít be able to help you with.


There are only 19 Milfs available from the site at present and this is clearly due to the fact that the site is brand new. Therefore the amount of women isnít especially bad but I still would expect this amount to increase dramatically over the next few months, especially if they hope to attract and keep members. The girls, or should I say women, that they currently have on offer are obviously not spring chickens anymore but that is the entire point of the site so you canít penalize them for that. Saying this though there are still a few women on there with a twinkle in their eye but on the other hand there were a few women in there that had definitely been through the mill and just looked plain knackered! Although if you are into the Milf side of porn then I am sure that you will be able to find a good selection of women that suit you down to the ground but just be aware that they are the usual sort of perfect gonzo girls which means that you arenít going to get any amateur girls and they have more of a plastic look if you see what I am getting at! Good news for all you hardcore lovers, these yummy mummies definitely arenít afraid of a cock or two and the exclusive content is strictly hardcore.

The extras arenít exactly plentiful and, in fact, the only real extra that I could find was the Action Search tool which was in actuality just a list of tick boxes. With a name like action search I was hoping for something a little more inventive. The only other extra on offer was the review system which is where the members basically leave comments on the models or movies and by going to the review section you are able to view them all in one place. The system seems to be fairly well used already with a good amount of different comments or ďreviewsĒ as they like to call them on perfect Gonzo.

Video Section:

There are several different places that you can get your videos from on this site, the main place you are going to want to look is the All Movies section where you will get access to the exclusive movies. Due to the fact that there are only a rather disappointing 19 movies currently on offer you may also want to visit the bonus movies section where you will be treated to a couple of pages of movies. These movies are simply a selection from the rest of the Perfect Gonzo sites and donít necessarily have the whole Milf feeling to them! Last but not least you have the DVDs section where you are provided with the option to download/view one of the 12 DVDs on offer (that is when I visited the site anyway).

For the sake of simplicity I will focus on the exclusive movies as, if you have joined this specific site, this is what you are going to be primarily interested in! You can download the full movie in either High .Wmv (960 x 540 with a bit rate of 3.02 Mbps), Medium .Wmv (640 x 480 with a bit rate of 1.61 Mbps) or Low .Wmv (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 750 Kbps) or you can download the movie in clips in .mpeg (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 871 Kbps). The high quality option is very impressive and will allow some full screen action without even the slightest glimpse of a pixelated nipple. On top of this you are also able to stream the movies using an online flash player, this is great and means that you can skip to any part of the movie and get it to buffer and play from that point. This is lucky as you will be waiting a fair while for the higher quality movies as one of the ones that I chose to download was nearly 700 Mb. Due to this I definitely wouldnít suggest this site to any dialup users. But then nowadays I would suggest upgrading to broadband anyway, especially if you want to view any sort of high quality pornÖ.come on guys you canít actually like all those horrible screeching noises!

Updates have been a little haywire for the past few weeks as the site only started up around a month ago so I was unable to work out how often they will be updating the exclusive movies and therefore I am unable to comment. What I will say is that they need to make it fairly regular as at the moment the amount of content on offer is really disappointing and even with the bonus content it just isnít good enough. The reason I am disappointed is simply because if you join a site called you would expect a good amount of Milf movies and without this then it is just not worth joining.

Photo Section:

As with the rest of the Perfect Gonzo sites you get access to photos and screenshots for each of the movies. The screenshots come in a staggering 1920 x 1080 and, although you have the usual motion blur that you always get with the screenshots, this is pretty impressive stuff and so I was rather excited to see what they were offering in the actual photo section. I was surprised to see that the photos, although still impressive, werenít as big as the movie screenshots, coming in at 1000 x 1500. However the actual photos were a lot more crisp and the quality of the photos far surpassed the movie screenshots. The photos were in fact some of the most crisp and well lit sets that I have seen, and even though they were missing any resolution options, I was still very impressed.

The one thing that didnít impress me was the fact that the guys at Perfect Gonzo STILL havenít introduced any sort of full size image navigation tool. I must have mentioned this in every review I have done of their sites so far and still no sign of the navigation. This is such a shame and really lets the photo section down. The pretty much as standard .zip download option is on offer though.

Due to the fact that the photos come with the movies I canít be sure of the update schedule; due to aforementioned reasons.

Picture Features

Quantity: 19 Exclusive Sets
Picture Size: 1000 x 1500
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unsure

Video Features

Quantity: 19 Exclusive Movies
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: full movie in either High .Wmv (960 x 540 with a bit rate of 3.02 Mbps), Medium .Wmv (640 x 480 with a bit rate of 1.61 Mbps) or Low .Wmv (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 750 Kbps) or download the movie in clips in .mpeg (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 871 Kbp
Clip Duration: 30 Ė 35 Minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unsure

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Telephone
Join Fees: $29.95 every 30 days, other options available
Cancellation Links: Yes