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18 Close Up (Updated)

Featuring: Movies, Young Ladies

Reviewed by Ryan on 3rd April 2008

Overall Rating 79/100
18 Close Up (Updated)
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The general idea is that the content gets you very close to the modelsí intimate areas. So if you are into looking at a screenful of nipple and/or pussy then youíre in the right place. The content all looks great although lacks a bit of atmosphere, although Iím sure you can forego that if you are just here to look at beautiful, nubile women. It is definitely worth a look, as there are currently some good reductions on memberships which counteract the shortcomings - I would recommend checking out the tour if you are remotely interested as it contains some good samples and a nice listing of the type of girls and content to be found.

** 17/12/2008 - The site now has more models and content, and speeds have been increased in certain areas - the general information and text in this review have therefore been updated accordingly**


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Overall Rating 79/100
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Right now Hi-Definition seems to be the buzz term of the adult website world. Itís not really something that I have been overly concerned with to be honest as some people just apply the term without really being truthful. I do believe that 18 close up does genuinely seem to be heading in the right direction though. I canít knock the quality of the content and it is helped by the fact it features some very attractive young women; Hi-Def is all good and well as long as you are showing something worthwhile.

When you login you are greeted by a big image of the latest update, although thankfully itís not too graphic otherwise that would be a bit of a scary welcome. Navigation of the site is simple as it only has 5 sections: Home, Models, Updates, Bonus and FAQ/Contact (although the last of these is only listed in the footer).

There is a latest update listing on the homepage which is pretty comprehensive; it lists approximately the last 50 updates. This is mostly done just as text but there are some small thumbnails there too; at first I thought these were just random but it looks like the thumbs are reserved for content that features a new model or for the first update in a certain new series eg. "Anna Returns 1/6".

After that there are a variety of preview images of a handful of the most recent content along with links to their respective content.

Iím not too sure on the design of the site; needs a bit of sharpening around the edges because if you are trying to sell high quality content then you are going to want your site to look sharp and clean (otherwise no-one will believe). However they do use some nice, large imagery to show off their stuff.

There are 3 different levels of membership to this site, which are: STD, HDV and HD (with HD being full membership). The abbreviations refer to the different resolutions of the content that you are able to see but I will go into those more in the content section.

Support comes in the form of a small FAQ, but at least the questions that they have used are relevant. You can contact a member of staff by email if you need any further help.

According to the site "The HD content is 100% exclusive" which is the way I prefer it as it tends to mean that they care more about what they are doing, in my opinion. They do however feature some content from their "partners" but I think that it is in the minority.

As I previously mentioned, there are 3 different levels of content: STD (presumably being standard) is at a resolution of 640x360, HDV is at a resolution of 1280x720 and HD is at a resolution of 1920x1080. That is quite a decent range of sizes so depending on your personal "needs", and the ability of your computer, you should be able to find the right level for you.

Currently there is no DRM or download limit, which is always the best way so letís hope that nobody abuses this and ruins it for the rest of us.

The nature of the content is all solo girl and they are all very cute. Each of the 38 models tends to have one video which has then been split into several parts; not all of the models have photo sets though.

Video Section
The videos are in the aforementioned resolutions, with the odd video maybe only featuring two of the three options. The interesting thing is that there is no streaming option so itís download only. To me, this is a good thing because once youíve downloaded the videos, you will have uninterrupted viewing; there are too many people that want higher quality videos but arenít willing to wait for them to stream properly and then complain about it, so this eliminates that confusion. Their latest HD videos are also encoded at an impressive bit rate of 8000 Kbps.

Iíve got no complaints about the girls or what they are doing but I did find watching the videos lacking in something. There is nothing wrong with the look or the quality of the imagery but I think that the audio was slightly unsettling; the fact that there was no music or banter, so all you could hear was mainly the fumbling of the camera, was weird. However, like I said, visually it all looks great! I was more than happy with the lowest quality video so found the higher two to be outstanding.

Picture Galleries
This is a video only site so no photography has actually been added as such - however there are screencaps accompanying some of the more recent videos and, because of the high resolutions used, they are pretty damn good. Just as a warning, there donít appear to be galleries that you can browse per se but, you can download zips featuring the screencaps.

Now what I did find annoying was that a lot the videos donít have any links for the zips, which is kind of fair enough, but some do have links without the zips actually being available; it does state that they arenít currently available but it would make more sense to me for there to be no link and just make them appear when the sets arrive. A real problem is that there just arenít enough images, which is a shame because the standard of the ones they do have is high.

I had a look at the 1280x720 and the 1920x1080 screencaps and must say that I found it hard to tell the difference between them. That being said, Iím sure that those of you that are really hot on this sort of thing and have top of the range equipment will appreciate the extra quality. For the rest of us, either resolution looks amazing and could easily be mistaken for bespoke photography.

There are 2 video updates a week as standard but the screencaps are much more random and so I cannot be certain about them. The 2 updates a week thing is kind of misleading though as one of those updates will only be an individual part of a larger video (i.e. the first part of 6).

Picture Features

Quantity: Screenshots only - approx. 600
Picture Size: 1280 x 720
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unknown

Video Features

Quantity: Approx. 150 including bonus content
Formats: AVI (Standard)
Video Size: 640x360, 1280x720, 1920x1080
Clip Duration: 5 mins approx.
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 2 per week

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: 30 day recurring HD Membership Ė HD+HDV+STD = $29.90 (down from $39.90), 30 day recurring HDV Membership Ė HDV+STD = $23.90 (down from $29.90), 30 day recurring STD Membership Ė STD = $17.20 (down from $19.90), 120 days non-recurring HD Membership Ė HD+
Cancellation Links: Via CCBill