Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Almost Evil Girls (Updated)
Reviewed by jacey on 24th September 2009

Overall Rating 77/100
Almost Evil Girls (Updated)
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Almost Evil Girls is a fairly new website, offering content of good looking goth girls in cute little outfits posing and masturbating for your pleasure. Slightly disappointing in some aspects, it has the potential to be a real favourite if they can iron out a few kinks, which they're well on their way to doing. Not a hardcore site by any means, Almost Evil Girls loudly proclaim that ‘Good Girls Gone Goth’ are what they’re all about - so, one for all you teeny-goth softcore fans out there!

**UPDATE - The site has undergone some really positive changes since we initially reviewed it in September 2008 - not only has the content increased overall, but they have also begun to add the promised videos and webcam chats with their girls, as well as hiring some great new models. The best change, however, is the significant reduction in price! Membership has now gone down by $10 per month, making a subscription well worth the money, in my opinion. Review details and scores have been updated accordingly!**


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Overall Rating 77/100
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If you’re looking for a hardcore gritty gothic bondage-fest, then this is not the site for you - Almost Evil Girls is all about nubile young things in black fishnet looking cute, dark and desirable. The site currently has 32 amateur models, only 8 or so of whom I would actually class as ‘goths’, but the others put on a good show of trying to look alternative! All the girls have natural bodies, tattoos and piercings and none of them are porn star perfect - but I think that adds to their appeal. When we first reviewed the site, the main focus was not the action actually taking place, but more the innuendo and fantasy that the photos alluded to - however, since our last look, there have been plenty of harder solo masturbation and dildo offerings added, including some pretty nice videos, so if you're after something a little more risque, you are in luck!

Unfortunately, the site design itself hasn't undergone such an impressive metamorphosis - it’s very basic in design, simple red on black (surprised? No, didn’t think so), with a slightly dodgy chain link fence graphic in the background (for some reason), and half a Celtic tattoo design at the bottom... It looks more like a forum site for prisoners awaiting release - not very Dita Von Teese, at any rate!

As promised, the site has now added a movie section, and although the content here is a little thin on the ground at present, this is definitely a step in the right direction! Along with the movies, there are somewhere in the region of about 10000 photos online at the moment, with more being added fairly regularly - each girl has her own page, where her photo sets are viewable, and the sets consist of somewhere in the region of 80 photos. There are some interesting outdoor settings for some of the shoots - the junkyard bathtub shoot is a personal favourite - although wherever the girls are shot, you can pretty much guarantee the location has a pretty austere feel to it.

There is a brief description accompanying each girl’s page, but it isn’t exactly exhaustive - the girls themselves clearly have plenty of personality though, which kind of makes up for the lack of general information. There are some very cute outfits, (although they’re not always particularly gothic), including some basic bondage gear and corsetry, with lots of fishnet (no really, masses of it!), and the girls engage in all sorts, from smoking and posing with guns to a little light bondage play and plenty of foot related stuff - and if you like your ladies best when they’re stomping on flaccid pink water balloons in heels? They’ve got some of that too. Ahh, the innuendo there is pretty much impossible to mistake... ouch.

The only other content as such on the site is the news feed on the homepage - it seems to be updated fairly regularly, so you’ll always know when new photos are added etc. There are no support pages at all, only links to email the 'web mistress', and to CCBill for billing and cancellation info after the site tour. I would really like to have seen a basic FAQ, especially now that the site has a movie section - it may not seem like much, but not everyone knows their way around a porn site as well as the webmasters who've built it, which is occasionally something that's forgotten!

Video Section
Eureka, Almost Evil Girls is finally adding videos! There are only 14 at the moment, some of which are behind the scenes - however, this is much better than offering none at all! There are some quite nice solo masturbation movies available, as well as some kinky strip teases and light fetish offerings - there's also the opportunity to watch your favourite girls perform live on webcam, which occurs a few times per week. The movies themselves can be streamed with Flash, or downloaded in WMV format in a resolution of 720x480 or thereabouts. Download speeds are good across the board, and although the technology here is nothing out of the ordinary, it definitely serves its purpose!

Picture Galleries
There are 178 photo galleries on Almost Evil Girls, and each of them is downloadable as a zip file, which takes about a minute, on average. The photo quality varies greatly from set to set - some of the photos are well taken, but then others have dodgy lighting (which, if it was deliberate, does nothing to add to the ambience!) or are taken at odd angles, often cutting off tops of heads or useful limbs in the process. The galleries seem to really need trimming down to get rid of some of the more dubious and repetitive shots - not a huge exertion, but something which I think would help streamline the site and make it more enjoyable to browse through. All of the recent photo additions are in high resolution at 1200x800, and are generally much better quality, so if you want to avoid the dodgy shots, head straight for the high res content!

Updates generally occur weekly, but check the news feed, as content is sometimes added more regularly. I have no idea how often the movies are updated, however.

Picture Features

Quantity: 10,000+
Picture Size: Up to 1200x800 px
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Weekly

Video Features

Quantity: 14
Formats: WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: 720x480
Clip Duration: Varies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unknown

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone
Join Fees: $21.65 for 30 days, $108.42 for 1 year
Cancellation Links: Only on tour pages