Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Hairy Twatter
Reviewed by Jacey on 1st January 2010

Overall Rating 87/100
Hairy Twatter
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Well, no prizes for guessing what this oneís all about folks! If youíre a fan of hair pie, youíd do well to have a look at this site - if youíre not, however, then youíll probably want to run away very quickly...

The site is brand spanking new, and as such, there isnít a huge amount of content at the moment - still, what is available is excellent quality, and the majority of the models are Euro stunners - Iím sure that fans of ladies au naturel will not be disappointed! It has a great user interface and some of the best customer support Iíve ever seen - the guys running this site obviously love what theyíre doing, and want to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible - something that I think theyíre well on the way to achieving!


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Overall Rating 87/100
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Hereís a bit of amusing info for you - this site used to be called ĎHairy Potterí, which is genius, in my opinion... Unfortunately, a few people with too much time on their hands got on their high horses, so with lawsuits beckoning, the site was hastily morphed into Hairy Twatter - sadly, it doesnít have such a good ring to it! The reason Iím telling you this is that there are various places in the memberís area where the site is still referred to by its original name - plus I wouldnít want you getting confused by the hirsute beauty dressed as a wizard on the homepage (I did wonder about that myself)! Anyway, Hairy Twatter is a haven for all things furry muff related - for a mere 50 Euros you can even purchase hair thatís been carefully snipped from your favourite modelís mound! Donít worry, everything is guaranteed genuine with the ĎScratchy the Crabí seal of approval - Scratchy the pubic Crab being the siteís mascot, obviously - heís a jaunty yellow fellow with a red necktie, and is, again, genius!

On top of Hairy Twatterís ĎHair Storeí, where you can also purchase a HD movie of your preferred pubic hair being cut and packaged, there is a requests section where you can submit your ideas and scenarios for shoots etc - donít be shy, you could make your furry fantasy come true! As already mentioned, the support is second to none - thereís a technical info page, which goes into a huge amount of detail about video playback and viewing photos, and has got to be the most comprehensive movie support section Iíve seen on a site of this size. Aside from this, beneath every update on the site is a link to an illustrated guide to downloading and viewing photos and videos, and at the top of almost every page is information about system requirements and browsers that youíd usually need to root around in FAQ sections to find. Even their contacts page is exhaustive - it lists 8 separate points of contact, which cover every possible problem you could encounter. They certainly know how to keep their customers in good spirits!

Right, down to the important stuff now... aside from the bonus content, all of the action on offer here is hardcore, incorporating boy/girl, threesomes, anal, uniforms, and more hairy creampies than you can shake your stick at (at least, until youíve given yourself a 5 minute break). Every update contains a video, photos and video caps, and all are available to view in a variety of options. On top of all this, the bonus section offers solo girl and sybian content, plus shaving scenes, castings, and anything else thatís not quite right for the main hardcore section. All of the content, including that in the bonus section, is exclusive and high quality, which is something you donít see every day! Site design is fresh, and with a multitude of options on the navigation bar, itís a breeze to navigate.

Youíll mainly be interested in the Home and Bonus sections, although once the site has a bit more content, the Archive pages should fill up too. Content is simply laid out on the homepage, with a box for each update that gives you a description of the scenario taking place, model names and headshots, and thumbnails from the movie. It also shows all available photo and video options so you donít need to navigate away from the page - you can hover over the options for more information. Bonus content is laid out in exactly the same way. Overall, the content here is excellent quality, the models are of a very high calibre (in other words, theyíre hot), and the action is hardcore and super explicit. Woo hoo!

One thing that did confuse me slightly (as we know, it doesnít take much) is that there are a couple of videos and models on the tour which, for some reason, arenít actually on the site at the moment. Whether this has something to do with the Hairy Potter/Hairy Twatter switch over I donít know - but it could be deemed to be a tad misleading...

There are 22 videos on the site at the moment, including bonus content - still, considering that itís been up and running for a grand total of 1 month, I donít think thatís at all bad! Videos are available in QuickTime format only, but you can download a Codec Pack from the site so that you can view them in Media Player. You can download them in Small (320x180), Medium (720x405) and HD (1280x720) formats - even the quality of the Medium size is excellent, so as you can imagine, the HD is absolutely fantastic! If you have a super fast broadband connection, you shouldnít have a problem streaming the movies to preview them, but for those of us who are a little more lowly, smaller 90 second trailers are also available to download before you commit yourself to a full size movie. Download speed is pretty fast - it only took me about 35 minutes to download a full 20 minute HD movie. On a less serious note, the dialogue and storylines in the movies can be hilarious - donít be put off, it doesnít take long to get to the real action, but even the scene descriptions point out the dodgy bits: "Another one of those cheap porno scripts you may say, but who cares!" I love these guys.

There are around 1,754 photos on Hairy Twatter at the moment, not including video caps. Theyíre available in 2 sizes, 598x900 and 1263x1900, the larger of which can also be downloaded as a zip file, with video caps, for each set. The siteís photographer, Patrixxx, has worked for Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal, amongst others, and as such, photo quality is excellent! Photos themselves are opened within the viewing gallery; here you can increase them to their full size, or simply click on the picture to close it and return to the gallery - so thereís no need to use the back button in your browser! As you can tell, this pleases me - enforced over-familiarity with my back button really drives me up the wall...!

This is one thing that Iím not 100% on... judging by the content that theyíve got so far, Iíd say the site has one or 2 updates a week, but donít hold me to that!

Picture Features

Quantity: 1,754 + Video Caps
Picture Size: Up to 1263x1900px
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 1-2 per week, approx

Video Features

Quantity: 22
Formats: Quicktime/MOV
Video Size: Up to 1280x720px
Clip Duration: Full size up to 30 mins, trailer 90 seconds
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 1-2 per week, approx

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Various other methods available
Join Fees: $19.95 for 30 days, $34.95 for 60 days, $44.95 for 90 days, $78.50 for 182 days, $100 for 280 days
Cancellation Links: In help section on join page