Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Barbi's Slutty Adventures
Reviewed by Jacey on 16th April 2009

Overall Rating 88/100
Barbi's Slutty Adventures
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Another site in the Ďslut wifeí genre (I have to say, Iím beginning to understand their appeal!), Barbiís Slutty Adventures is centred on an incredibly hot blonde 30-something, who likes getting it on with other guys while her husband watches! Of course, she also likes getting it on with her husband, other slut wives, herself, and just about any good looking guy she can seduce while her husband isnít watching - but whatever she gets up to, she always makes sure to film it, or at least tell you about it in one of her sexy stories! I was suitably impressed with this site - not only is the content quality excellent, but thereís also enough variety in theme (not to mention bonus material) here to keep subscribers happy for a long time. Of course, the thing that really makes this one is the lovely Barbi herself, who quite clearly really enjoys what she gets up to - in fact, I have no doubt that she would engage in these naughty shenanigans even if there werenít cameras around!


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Overall Rating 88/100
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All in all, Barbiís Slutty Adventures has been a real pleasure to review, and thatís pretty much down to the lady herself - Barbi really gives members an insight into her life through her website, whether sheís having hardcore sex with one of her Ďboy toysí on webcam, answering posts in her forum, or telling you about her Easter holidays on her daily updated diary - this kind of dedication is something that you donít see every day, and I applaud her for it! She writes the descriptions for all of her movies herself, and pens regular erotic stories to keep her members happy between updates - if you email her and are extra lucky (and donít have a hairy back) she might even choose to do a shoot with you! The website itself looks great, is easy to navigate, and crammed full of loads of bonus content, including almost 2000 DVD feeds, previews of other Ďslut wifeí sites, wallpapers and access to CamZ. Now, this is all well and good I hear you cry, but whatís the actual content like?! Well, I donít think youíll be disappointed...!

Iíll be honest, with all the bonus bits and pieces on offer here, I did initially wonder whether the siteís own content was likely to be a bit dodgy... however, I neednít have worried! Barbi has been a busy girl over the past few years, and has managed to build up quite an impressive collection of dirty hardcore content - thereís not much that this little lady wonít do, from solo love and swinging right through to huge interracial gangbangs with spunk flying aplenty! Pretty much everything is filmed by her husband, so itís not always steady handed studio fabulousness - however, the quality of both the movies and photos is excellent. There are plenty of options when it comes to watching and downloading content, and everythingís pretty easy to find. Photos and movies are divided into years, and you can view photos from as far back as 2005 - thereís also a scrapbook, in which Barbi posts general, non-explicit day to day photos. On top of all this, thereís the aforementioned erotic stories section, as well as a weekly live cam show, which can feature Barbi on her own, with her husband, or with other random lucky guys - this looks to be a pretty popular feature on the site, and had 1000 viewers logged on during last week's show alone. The siteís forum is also buzzing, a clear indication of a very happy member community!

There are somewhere in the region of 130 movies on Barbiís Slutty Adventures, plus feeds and other bonus content to keep you busy between updates. Each movie can be downloaded in an impressive variety of formats, including WMV in HD and 2 smaller sizes, iPod and PSP formats, and MOV in HD - you can also stream the movies with the siteís Quicktime player. The HD movies are at a fairly impressive 960x540, and donít take much time at all to download on a good connection - each movie update is accompanied by a few good sized thumbnails and Barbiís detailed written description, which really sets the scene for the viewer! Content ranges from public flashing and masturbation (both of which Barbi does a lot of) to footage of her seducing unwitting menfolk into getting jiggy on camera, with explosive, if somewhat amusing results (ĎNo, no, I have a girlfriend! Oh, well I suppose a blowjob doesnít count as cheating, right?í etc). Barbi states in her biography that her favourite name to be called is ĎSlutí - now, Iím not usually a fan of this particular term, but on this occasion itís pretty fitting (in a good way), and Iím sure she wouldnít mind me saying so!

There are over 30,000 images on Barbiís Slutty Adventures, and theyíre added to on a weekly basis. Sets can be downloaded in zip files or viewed as a slideshow, and are at an impressive resolution of 1260x837 - quality is, again, excellent, and shoots are varied and often pretty imaginative! To be honest, thereís not really a great deal to complain about here - my only slight issue is that it would have been nice to see a keyword search feature, especially considering the range of niches covered!

The site has one movie and 2 photo updates per week. Barbi also updates her diary daily, posts erotic stories, and performs a web cam show at least once week.

Picture Features

Quantity: 30,000+
Picture Size: 1260x837
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Usually 2 per week

Video Features

Quantity: 127
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Quicktime/MOV
Video Size: 960x540
Clip Duration: Varies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 1 per week

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Mail In Check/Cash, EU Debit
Join Fees: $29.95 for 30 days recurring, $64.95 for 90 days non-recurring, $99.99 for 180 days non-recurring. Credit card payments may cost slightly more than this!
Cancellation Links: On join pages