Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Cash For Sex Tape
Reviewed by Jacey on 22nd October 2009

Overall Rating 78/100
Cash For Sex Tape
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Cash For Sex Tape is a new site with a very interesting concept - it offers couples $2,000 to film a full week of their lives, and then picks out the best bit and puts them online for all to see. Itís a sort of hardcore Big Brother hybrid, so if you enjoy reality TV as much as you love porn, you may have just stumbled across your ultimate site! The siteís proprietors only pick the best looking young amateurs, which makes for some very pleasant viewing, and overall, I found the whole idea really quite fascinating! People watching and sex - my 2 favourite pastimes!


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Overall Rating 78/100
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As Iíve explained, Cash For Sex Tape is a reality site with a bit of a difference - namely, that you are literally a fly on the wall for an entire week in the lives of normal couples (albeit very horny ones), with all the boring bits (sleeping, discussing the gas bill, waiting for busses etc) cut out! I donít know where they find these people, or where these people find their friends, but none of them are in the least bit shy about romping on camera - although frankly, Iím not complaining. Whether itís doting boyfriends passing their ladies around all their male friends, or sexed up chicks forgoing their men folkís meat for a bit of a lesbian romp with their girlfriends, youíre sure to find the scenarios here eye opening at the very least! The site itself is well designed, and membership gives you access to 8 other sites in the voyeur niche - the only real let down here is that it lacks of any sort of FAQ section, which is a shame.

The content on Cash For Sex Tape is currently all displayed by couple on the homepage - each coupleís update includes 6 preview images, a description and member ratings, plus links to photos, videos and the coupleís page. There are only 12 couples on the site at the moment, but the majority of these have 7 or more videos - once you go through to the coupleís page, youíll find profiles and FAQs for the couple, plus all of their videos, with scene descriptions. Each of the movies basically covers a days in the coupleís life, and although they do engage in a few everyday activities like shopping etc, there is still plenty of hardcore to be had - thereís sex in every video! Scenarios covered in the videos include oral, masturbation, anal, group sex, exhibitionism and public sex with plenty of standard dirty hardcore thrown in for good measure.

There are 81 videos on the site so far, divided among the 12 couples. Thereís no update calendar, but it does promise new material every week. Each video is available to stream with flash, and you can flick through each coupleís videos with the handy tabs underneath the player. You can also download the movies in AVI format, but be aware that the majority of them are about an hour long, so unless youíre on a fast connection, you might have a bit of a wait. Video size comes out at 768 x 576 or thereabouts, and as you would expect from this sort of amateur content, the quality of the movies is fair to middling!

There are 11 photosets on the site, one for 11 of the 12 couples, and they can contain anything up to 450 odd images each. The photos can be viewed in a slideshow in 2 sizes, 356x535 and 768x1024px, and can also be downloaded in zip files. As with the movies, the images themselves arenít great quality, but they certainly do the job!

There is no update calendar on the site, but it promises new content every week.

Picture Features

Quantity: 11 sets with up to 450 images in each
Picture Size: 768x1024
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads: Yes
Picture Slideshows: Yes
Updates: Not known

Video Features

Quantity: 81
Formats: AVI (Standard), Flash
Video Size: 768x576
Clip Duration: Varies - usually 1 hour
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: No
Updates: Not known

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $29.95 for 30 days, $59.95 for 90 days
Cancellation Links: Links to billing support on homepage