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Girlfriend Files

Featuring: Amateur, Young Ladies

Reviewed by Jacey on 11th March 2010

Overall Rating 68/100
Girlfriend Files
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Girlfriend Files is a new website that features user submitted content of cute amateurs doing rude stuff on camera. There have been a lot of these sorts of sites cropping up lately, so theyíre obviously popular, and thereís clearly no shortage of charming guys out there who choose to get back at their exes by posting dirty photos of them online! Considering the fact that the site has only been around since January, thereís a surprisingly large amount of content here, but as even the site itself says, some of it isnít the best quality. Still, if girls next door are your thing, then despite the poor quality of some of the material here, this one should keep you happy for a while at least!


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Overall Rating 68/100
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As a girl, I have to say, this genre of site makes me a little nervous - but I know that you guys like them, so as is my duty, I waded in there anyway - keeping my eye out for any familiar photos, I might add! (Hey, I have quite a few exes who would probably love to get paid for embarrassing the hell out of me!) Anyway, youíll be pleased to know that the coast was clear, leaving me free to get on with my job... which was a relief...

Right, paranoia aside, this isnít a bad one if amateur girls are your thing - thereís plenty of variety here, for a start. Unfortunately though, the site itself isnít exactly brilliantly designed - it can be pretty hard to work out whatís actually going on in any of the scenes or sets without downloading them, as there are no descriptions or keywords, and obviously, thereís no search feature to speak of. The member support is also basically non-existent (just a contact email address, and a link to billing support), and the siteís beige and purple colour scheme is garish enough that it gave me a bit of a headache!

As youíve likely already gathered, Girlfriend Files is made up of various images and movies that users have submitted, supposedly of their ex girlfriends doing things that Iím sure their mothers would rather not know that they do! Many of the content here is self shot by the girls, so as you can imagine, whilst some of them have steady hands and fairly decent cameras, the vast majority of the content here is shaky at best. You can browse the photos and the movies separately, and each update has a small preview thumbnail - however, due to the nature of whatís been submitted, the thumbnails arenít always representative of whatís actually in the update.

The action covered here ranges from subtle non nude posing, right through to hardcore sex, blowjobs and cum shots. There are a lot of solo masturbation scenes and photos, and youíll also find group and lesbian action - basically, youíll be able to find pretty much anything that youíve ever wanted to see the girl next door doing to herself or someone else (provided itís legal at least!)! The girls are all cute, although some are easier on the eye than others, as you would expect. As far as Iíve seen, theyíre all in the 18 to 24 age range, with the exception of one or two - it seems that the older women get, the less likely they are to leave nudey snaps in the hands of their boyfriends! Entirely sensible, as far as Iím concerned!

There are 54 movies on the site at the moment, which isnít bad considering the length of time itís been online. You can only download them in WMV format though, and thereís no streaming option - with this in mind, a few more preview thumbnails or a movie description would greatly improve the user experience, as youíre pretty much downloading blind at the moment. Download speeds arenít exactly zippy either - it took me around 15 minutes to download a movie that was less than 5 minutes long. All of the movies are understandably different lengths and sizes, but as a benchmark, theyíre all around 5 minutes long, and 720x480 in size. You do get bonus access to another 32 streaming movies in a similar theme, but theyíre all from different paysites - still, if youíre after a quick release, then at least you have that option.

There are currently 90 photosets on the site, and theyíre added to every couple of days. Each set contains anywhere between 12 and 100 photos, and as with the rest of the content here, theyíre all different sizes - the largest I found was 1050x1400px, which is actually pretty impressive. You can also download the photos in zip files, which is a plus that I wasnít expecting. There isnít a slideshow feature though, and as Iíve said, many of the images are fairly low quality in spite of their size.

It looks like the movie section is updated every 3 days, and the photos are updated every 1-2 days.

Picture Features

Quantity: 90 sets
Picture Size: Up to 1050x1400
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads: Yes
Picture Slideshows: No
Updates: Every 2 days approx

Video Features

Quantity: 54
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: Varies - 720x480 standard
Clip Duration: Varies - approx 5 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Some
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: No
Updates: Every few days

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $28.56 for 30 days
Cancellation Links: Links to billing on support page