Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Amateur

Reviewed by Jacey on 9th December 2010

Overall Rating 77/100
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Cosmid is a huge site featuring over 160 amateur girls getting up to all sorts of naughty stuff, from fully clothed posing to giving blowjobs in night vision. The images and videos are excellent quality, and the majority of the girls here a fantastic to look at - whilst the site is lacking in a few areas, fans of high end amateur porn should most definitely check this one out. With memberships starting at a teensy $10 per month, you donít have a whole lot to lose!


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Overall Rating 77/100
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To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I got this request through (the site name doesnít give much away!), so I was pleasantly surprised when I did log on - Cosmid is well designed and presented, easy to navigate, and chock full of hot "real" women taking their clothes off. Not much to complain about so far! Thereís sure to be a girl here who satisfies your tastes, whatever youíre into (although if youíre after silicone stuffed Barbie dolls, youíll be shit outta luck with this one! Now go finish your homework...) - from slim chicks to curvaceous cuties, tiny titties to busty babes and shy girls to filthy minxes, theyíve got it covered!

Unfortunately, whilst theyíve definitely got the content covered, I did have a few technical issues here, which Iíll go into later - the distinct lack of any sort of site help or FAQ did not improve matters much!

The siteís home page displays the most recent updates and the latest models, and the navbar at the top takes you to the model directory, update archive, highest rated updates, the Cosmid Blog and upcoming girls. Each of the models has her own bio page, with a little information about her, plus her vital statistics, including model type (nude or non-nude), body type, boob and butt size, age etc, and users can rate and comment on each of the girls. From the updates page, you can sort the content by type (movie/photoset) or rating, and each is displayed with a decent thumbnail, title, model name and date added. The blog is written by the guy who runs the site & takes all of the images (busy man!), and is often pretty amusing - it certainly gives you an insight into the life of a porn photographer! Apparently, some of the girls here are less than professional when it comes to showing up for shoots - youíll feel pretty bad for him when you read about the effort he goes to, only for the girls not to bother turning up!

Speaking of the ladies, the diversity here is really quite impressive - there are super slim teens, busty babes, MILFs, curvaceous chicks (but no full on BBWs), punks, ebony honeys, model-beautiful stunners and girls next door. They certainly donít discriminate! Some of the girls donít even strip right down to their underwear, whilst others think nothing of going at it with a favourite sex toy or two - there are even a couple of blowjob movies to be had if you donít mind a bit of trawling! On a slightly less positive note, I do have a bit of a minor gripe - the site promises unedited content and real girls, but pretty much all of the photosets have been airbrushed. I spend half my life editing photos, and I know a blur filter when I see one! Whilst Iím sure this wonít particularly bother you (in fact, you might prefer airbrushed to au naturel), itís my job to point out discrepancies!

There are an impressive 399 movies on the site so far, and theyíre added to every couple of days. Whilst theyíre very good quality, there arenít a great deal of options here - you can either download the movies in WMV format (one size only) or stream them in Flash player, which is where I stumbled across quite a big boo boo... for some reason, the movies wonít stream in Google Chrome, and considering that itís my preferred web browser, this was not a good thing! I did try them in Internet Explorer (boo, hiss) and Firefox, and they worked fine, although there was a lot of buffering going on. Personally, Iíd download the WMVs - download speed was great, and the movies are a splendid 1280x720px, which cheered me up no end after the Flash player episode...

There are 604 sets and counting on Cosmid - theyíre usually added to every one or two days. As with the movies, the images are large and good quality (which is perhaps why the airbrushing was evident!), although thereís barely any functionality - with no slideshow feature and no zip downloads on the horizon, Iím going to have to deduct a point or two, which is a shame!

The site is updated with either a movie or a photoset every day.

Picture Features

Quantity: 604 sets
Picture Size: 1067x1600px
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads: No
Picture Slideshows: No
Updates: Every couple of days

Video Features

Quantity: 399
Formats: WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: 1280x720px
Clip Duration: Full length only - varies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: No
Updates: Every couple of days

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, DirectPay EU
Join Fees: $20.00 for 1 month, $60.00 for 6 months
Cancellation Links: In support section