Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Yanks Re-Review (Updated)
Reviewed by Jacey on 21st July 2011

Overall Rating 91/100
Yanks Re-Review (Updated)
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Yanks is a huge American site entirely dedicated to the art of female masturbation, on a very grand scale! We first reviewed it back in 2007, and whilst it didnít score too badly, Iím pleased to say that it has improved enormously - with integrated social networking, super-quick servers, high quality exclusive content, simple navigation and loads of member extras, youíll be hard pushed to find a better amateur masturbation site. Of course, the fact that practically every video features a real girly orgasm is the icing on the cake!

**Update** - The site has undergone some changes since we last looked at it, including the addition of more load balanced servers to improve download speed, plus plenty of new HD content. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly.
Site previously reviewed on 16-Dec-2010.


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Overall Rating 91/100
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When we first looked at this site in 2007, itís fair to say that overall, we were less than impressed with its design, and I was fully expecting to be distinctly underwhelmed when I looked at it again - however, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I logged on! Gone is the clunky navigation of yesteryear; in its place a slick, all singing, all dancing top navigation pane that takes you wherever you need to go with ease. The site now features a category drop down, keyword search, navbar and an in depth advanced search, clear links to the FAQs, member favourites and much more - a 1000% improvement, in my opinion! Add to that the fantastic social networking facilities here, including personalised profiles, member uploaded movies and photos, erotic stories, chat and forums, and this becomes more of a masturbation appreciation community than a standard paysite - lovers of lady bits will never want to leave!

Of course, youíre not only interested in getting from A to B, so I can also assure you that the content here is great quality, especially the more recent updates - with over 347 amateur models from all walks of life, there are going to be plenty of girls here who float your boat too. As you would expect from a site of this nature, youíre not going to find every woman here blindingly attractive, but with their handy model directory and in depth handwritten biographies it shouldnít take you too long to find your ideal lady!

There is so much to see and do on that quite frankly itís hard to know where to start. When you initially log in youíre taken to the homepage, which displays the latest site news, updates, upcoming updates and most popular girls, movies and photos. Youíll also find social networking links here - you may need to re-enter your username and password to enter the network. The top navigation pane will take you everywhere else on the site, including the model directory and bios, the photo and movie sections, a girl-girl section which features some lesbian content, and bonus masturbation movies and photos. There are also some extra video feeds and networked sites, but I donít know when youíll get time to look at them!

The 49 categories covered here are surprisingly wide ranging, and include Anal, BBW, Contractions, Creamy Orgasms, MILF, Shower Play, Squirting and Vocal Orgasms - bet you never knew female masturbation encompassed so many niches! Girls go at it with their fingers, toys, vegetables, pillows, showerheads and just about every other inanimate and indeed animate object that you can think of - their number one goal is self-pleasure, so expect to see eye opening, pulsating, creamy orgasms aplenty!

There are 929 movies on the site at the moment, plus bonus content and user added clips. Theyíre available in various formats, including Flash, WMV, MP4 and even 3GP in sizes to suit every connection speed - the largest available is 1280x720px. Download speed is very quick thanks to the addition of their new servers, and you can either choose to download movies in full length or in 3 minute clips, each of which has its own preview image. Overall, video quality is very good (especially the more recently added HD offerings), although you will occasionally get the odd camera wobble here and there - donít forget, this is definitely an amateur site, so you shouldnít be expecting any big budget affairs anyway!

There are 808 sets online so far, and these donít include the various bonus galleries and user added images. Each set is available to download as a zip file in either large or extra-large, something which hadnít been implemented on our last visit, and you can also choose to view the images in the siteís integrated slideshow player. The maximum image size that I found was 1877x2891px - an huge improvement since we last looked at the site, and more than big enough for even the fussiest of you, Iím sure!

The site doesnít have a rigid update schedule, but it is generally updated with a movie or photoset every day or two.

Picture Features

Quantity: 808 sets plus bonus content
Picture Size: 1550x1947px
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads: Yes
Picture Slideshows: Yes
Updates: Varies - every 1 to 3 days

Video Features

Quantity: 929 plus bonus content
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: Up to 1280x720px
Clip Duration: 3 minute clips or full length
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: Yes
Updates: Varies - every 1 to 3 days

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Telephone, Debit
Join Fees: $29.85 for 1 month, $59.80 for 3 months, $99.70 for 6 months, $149.50 for 1 year
Cancellation Links: In support section