Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Reviewed by Jacey on 23rd December 2010

Overall Rating 91/100
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Penthouse is a brand that really needs no introduction - unless youíve been living under a rock for the past 40 years, you will know exactly who these guys are and what theyíre all about... super-hot porn and even hotter women! Their huge website doesnít disappoint - packed with great quality content and features galore, this is one of the most impressive sites that Iíve reviewed in quite some time, but donít just take my word for it... go take a look for yourself!


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Overall Rating 91/100
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As you can imagine, my expectations were very high when I first looked at this site - Penthouse is basically a household name, so I wasnít going to cut them any slack when it came to their online efforts! Thankfully, aside from a few little issues, they absolutely havenít disappointed, and frankly Iím surprised that we didnít get this one written up years ago! The site itself is well designed, easy to navigate, and itís got features coming out of its proverbial ears. There are also plenty of extras, including the obligatory cams and dating, as well as access to some X-rated reader stories and video reviews, and Penthouse Pet archives that go way back to 1973 - anyone interested in the history of modern pornography need look no further!

Of course, as I said, there are one or two things that I found a little irritating - for one, the sign up process is fairly over-complicated, in that you need to obtain a Ďfreeí account by giving your email address and a username before you can even see how much a full membership is actually going to cost you. I personally think that the $24.95 monthly membership fee is pretty reasonable, so why they canít just tell you before you sign up I donít know! The aforementioned Ďfreeí account gives you no access to the content, so it all seems pretty pointless really. The help & FAQ section could also use a bit of work - it only gives you information on how to sign up, which is pretty useless if youíre already a member. They do provide a ticketing system and some phone numbers, but a few more FAQs really wouldnít go amiss.

When you log in to your account youíre taken to the siteís homepage, which displays the latest & upcoming scenes & galleries, and top rated girls & movies. There are various category menus down the left hand side - the list of movie categories is pretty much endless, and encompasses everything from 3D and Anal to Reality and Voyeur, and photos are also broken down by niche, including solo, girl on girl, couples and group sex. There is a keyword search box at the top of the page, and a navigation bar that takes you to the other pages on the site, including scenes, pornstars, pets, galleries and extras. On the content pages, updates are each displayed with a decent thumbnail, title, date, model name and in the case of the movies, a short description, so you know exactly what youíll be getting before you click through. Members also have the ability to rate and comment on every update.

As far as the content itself is concerned, I can safely say that itís all top quality, and the action here ranges from solo masturbation to full on gang bang, with enough oral, anal & spunk flying about to give you wrist strain. Each and every one of the women on the site is drop dead gorgeous in a very porno way - perfect bodies, full lips and bed hair are the order of the day; itís pretty much a pornographic paradise, if Iím honest! They even have a 3D porn section, which features some top quality shagging that you can either view wearing a fetching pair of red and green specs, or by attempting to refocus your eyes (seriously!) so you can see it clearly... I have to admit, the latter proved pretty much impossible for me, but I must have looked bloody hilarious crossing my eyes and staring intently at my monitor for the 5 minutes that I attempted it... I found it pretty funny anyway!

There are more than 980 movies on the site so far, and from what I can see, theyíre added to at least twice daily. The movies are available in various formats, including WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, iPod/PSP and Flash in 2 sizes. You can either download the movies in full or 3.40 minute clips, and I found download speed to be pretty good across the board. My only issue here is that the site describes itself as HD, when in fact I have yet to find a true HD movie anywhere - 768x432px is fine, but it ainít HD, folks!

There are 3240 photo galleries on the site at the moment, and theyíre added to on a daily basis. The functionality in the photo section is excellent - you can download the sets in zip files in a number of different sizes, and the site also has a fully customisable slideshow player. When viewing the photos from within the site, you can also zoom in on the images by hovering your mouse over the zoom link, which is a nice feature, and the images themselves are fantastic quality - I was really impressed with the artistry in many of the images. The shots are also available up to a massive 2667x4000px. Basically, I have absolutely no complaints - top marks all round!!

The site is updated with 2-3 movies and 1 photoset daily.

Picture Features

Quantity: 3240 galleries
Picture Size: Up to 2667x4000px
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads: Yes
Picture Slideshows: Yes
Updates: Daily

Video Features

Quantity: 980+
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: 768x432px
Clip Duration: 3.40 minute clips or full length
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: Yes
Updates: Multiple daily updates

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Mail In Check/Cash, Direct Debit, Ukash
Join Fees: $24.95 for one month (other options also available)
Cancellation Links: Only via ticketing system