Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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VideoBox Re-Review

Featuring: Movies, Megasites, Variety, XXX

Reviewed by Jacey on 24th May 2012

Overall Rating 96/100
VideoBox Re-Review
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This site is absolutely superb. Put simply, a membership here should be enough to provide you with all the porn movies you will ever need. The content is great, the quality of movies first class, and the site is as user friendly as they come. The membership fee is also an absolute bargain - as little as $8 gets you access to over 13,000 complete DVDs. This site is worth twice what they are charging! If your primary consideration in joining an adult site is for its movie content, then look no further!


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Overall Rating 96/100
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A very long time ago we reviewed the excellent movie archive, Climax Corner. For just $9.95 you got a very decent collection of adult movies in an easy to use interface with a pleasant design. The good news, for anyone who enjoys movie sites, is that Climax Corner has evolved into the number one DVD download site on the net, for very good reason! With a brand new interface, thousands of superb new movies and the same excellent value as before, this one really is the pinnacle for those of you who want maximum bang for your buck.

They have added some fantastic new features, including their unique Flow Mode and state of the art clip selection that enables you to view exactly what you want with minimum effort, creating your own custom clips along the way. Their support section is also completely exhaustive - as regular readers will know, this makes me very happy indeed!

There are various ways to view the content on VideoBox - their home page displays various recent and top rated scenes and DVDs, and their navigation bar will take you to their DVD and scene pages, as well as their clips page, showing over 135,000 custom created clips from movies on the site. On the DVD and scenes pages, you can further narrow your results by niche, and with 97 on the site there is something for even the most unusual tastes! The next tab on the navigation bar takes you to the VideoBox Flow Mode - this is an entirely new concept for me, enabling users to choose their favourite niches, and have all of the resulting scenes played simultaneously in thumb format in a scrolling Flash style player. Simply watch the action in the thumbnails, and when you see something you like, click its thumb and the scene will be played full size. Very clever! On top of this, you can view content the old fashioned way via niche, studio and pornstar, and you will also get access to all of the content from 4 more websites using the Channels tab, including Kink, Evil Angel and Vivid. These guys are not messing around!

As you would expect, you will find pretty much whatever your particular turn on may be here - if it’s legal, they’ve got it, so you will not be disappointed! Featuring content from the world’s top studios, niches from Amateur to GILF and pornstars from Jenna Haze to Sasha Grey, you won’t find a larger collection anywhere else!

There are 13,009 full DVDs on the site so far, which equates to over 73,000 scenes, and they add a further 5 DVDs every day - that , in layman’s terms, is more porn than you will ever get through in a lifetime! The movies can be viewed and downloaded in full in H.264, WMV and iPod/iPhone formats, and are either 640x480px, or 1280x720px in HD, where available. You can also view the scenes in the site’s Flash player, and create your own custom clips - just move your mouse pointer across the scene thumbnail to ‘play’ the whole scene, and click when you find a part that you like the look of. It will then open at that point full size in a new page, and you will be able to create a custom clip from there. Techy, but very useful if you don’t like messing about watching a whole scene when you just want to get down to the action!

The site is updated with 5 complete DVDs every single day.

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:

Video Features

Quantity: 13,009 DVDs - 73,013 scenes
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Quicktime/MOV, Flash
Video Size: Up to 1280x720px
Clip Duration: Full length or user defined clips
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: Yes
Updates: 5 DVDs daily

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $15 for 1 month, $60 for 6 months or $96 for 1 year ($8 per month)
Cancellation Links: In support section